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07.08.2020 The Third Room Open Air Garden with Ahmet Sisman

Friday 17:00 – 19:00

When you talk about electronic music in the Ruhr Area, there’s no way around the name Ahmet Sisman. Way before the founding of The Third Room in 2017, he was influencing our local scene with his musically vision. Ahmet is not just a talented DJ and producer with his unique sound but also a brilliant mastering engineer and product specialist for modular gear at Thomann.

You can book now your slot and reserve a seated place including a free consumption of 25€ for drinks. We have also an “All Day Ticket” for Saturday and Sunday. 40€ free consumption for drinks. We don’t take any entry fee! We want to keep the prices as reasonable as possible with a limited capacity of 400 people for each slot.

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