50€/track + 7% VAT
Mastering is the final process before releasing your music on a digital or physical medium. The engineers work consists of different stages: analyzing the mix, error checking, preparing the fade-ins and outs, sonic enhancement and processing, delivering the right formats. We believe the right mixture of digital and analog sound processing will bring the best result for you. Check our gear list here. For this process it is essential to deliver the best mix possible from your side. Some aspects to consider:
  • -3db Headroom on the Master Bus. No clipping on any channels, groups or the main output. Leave the loudness matter to us.
  • Any plugin you have put for creative reasons on the master bus can stay as long you are not heavily compressing or limiting the sound. Soft compression (-1/-2db Gain Reduction), EQing, Tape or any other aesthetical sound tools are totally fine. Just don’t push them to the limit. Plugins are working at best with at least -3db incoming and outcoming signal.
  • Premaster File: preferably at 24bit – 44.1kHz but anything between 24/32bit and 44.1 – 192 kHz is totally fine. Just stick to your sample rate while exporting the file, you don’t need to change it afterwards and try to avoid dithering. Dithering will be done in the final rendering during the mastering process. Our mastering is suited for vinyl and digital as well.
  • Feel free to send a self-mastered version over to understand your personal preferences and also any reference track is welcomed. Especially some hints about the desired sound design are very helpful.
  • A good mix can result in an amazing mastering. Don’t expect wonders with a half-finished product. We invest a lot of knowledge, passion and time into our work. Make sure that you have done the same before sending us your material. We can offer you a critical listening session before starting with the mastering.
  • Revision until satisfaction. Mastering is a handcraft which is based on experience, detailed working, patience and making the client/artist happy. Communication is the key. Don’t hesitate to contact us in any matter.
  • Feel free to ask us for rates regarding stem mastering or any kind of special work.