The Third Room Stone Techno Series | Cubic EP - The Third Room

Stone Techno Series | Cubic EP


A1. Matrixxman – Sounds for Rocks

A2. RØDHÅD – Erosion

B1. Yan Cook – Iris Agate

B2. VNNN. – Groove Attack

Seamless to our first release of the Stone Techno series we are presenting the second edition of this unique concept. Each artist has been given a sample library consisting of recorded minerals from the Ruhr Area. The task was pretty clear, to create a track exclusively out of those sounds. The results are remarkably differing from each other and showing the huge creative potential of this project, which is a collaboration between the world-famous Ruhr Museum foundation and The Third Room collective.

While Matrixxman delivers us an ambient driven masterpiece, RØDHÅD shows us his impeccable skills to create an ever-evolving tension in his dub techno influenced approach. Yan Cook on the B-Side is exploring the full potential of those samples to honor the industrial era and its machines, while T3R-Resident VNNN. is hailing with his hypnotic grooves the late hours of an extensive musical journey.

We hope you enjoy this imposing line-up of artists and its different styles within the release. There is more to be coming. Stay tuned!

Each release is limited to 300 copies (180gr marbled 12” Vinyl, Full Cover Print).
As part of the Stone Techno release series there will be also a collaboration with Arte Concert and the Mutek Festival.

Release Date
20.08.21 exclusively via Bandcamp | 03.09.21 on all known stores
Distributed by
Press Enquires
Maria Nannou |
Art Direction
Ahmet Sisman | The Third Room Studios


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