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  • Saturday | 17.08.2024
  • Sunday | 18.08.2024
  • Ahmet Sisman
  • ALIS.
  • Anabel Arroyo
  • Ansome
  • Baugruppe90
  • Beau Didier
  • Berkan V8
  • Caiva
  • Cryme
  • Daria Kolosova
  • Frederic.
  • Future.666
  • Isaiah
  • JakoJako
  • Julian Muller
  • Ki/Ki
  • KiNK
  • Lady Starlight
  • Luke Slater
  • Mareena
  • Ogazón
  • Pablo Bozzi
  • Patrick Mason
  • Perc
  • Phase Fatale
  • Quelza
  • Rebecca Delle Piane
  • Rene Wise
  • Roll Dann
  • Ruiz OSC1
  • Setaoc Mass
  • SHDW
  • Slin
  • Stojche
  • Tarkno
  • u.r.trax
  • UFO95
  • VNNN.
  • X CLUB.

We are thrilled for Toronto-based artist AADJA to display her dazing, hard-hitting techno at this year's The Third Room Festival. The trip member has her own unique, psychotropic style that often features her own vocals. Expect winded heads and ravers departing for new spheres.

Ahmet Sisman

As founder of The Third Room and the projects curator, Ahmet Sisman will once more return to Henrichshütte Hattingen. The DJ, producer and mastering engineer is a stable force in every line-up and the core definer for our sound vision. Don't miss to witness his experience and high class mixing another time.


ALIS. can be named as one of the most thrilling new faces from Berlin due to her futuristic, energetic approach to rave music. The Ukrainian-born artist merges tribal and trance elements from the 90's and 00's to a mint, uplifting experience. On top of that, ALIS. shows genuine interest and effort to promote cross-cultural exchange with her collective TYME. Welcome to Hattingen!

Anabel Arroyo

FOLD and Laster resident Anabel Arroyo brings her dynamic track selection and finesse mixing to Henrichshütte Hattingen. The Spanish-born and London-based DJ and producer is a true crowd whisperer that perfected to maintain tension and excitement during her vital techno sets.


Ansome is an artist that is widely appreciated for his fierce and sinister industrial sounds. In times where referring to hard techno can be understood in different ways, the hardware virtuoso from South London managed to claim his own, distinctive, mechanic style.


We are thrilled to welcome euphoric rave representers Baugruppe90 at this year's The Third Room Festival. The duo from Berlin convinces crowd after crowd with their own high-powered productions and high-class DJ sets that provide chordy happiness and grooves en masse.

Beau Didier

We could not pick any better date than a hot summer day for Groove boss Beau Didier to give his The Third Room debut this year at Henrichshütte Hattingen. The genre defining DJ and producer from Amsterdam has made himself a name for cheeky rhythms, enriched with vocal samples and housy elements.

Berkan V8

Uprising DJ and producer Berkan V8 implements ecstatic elements across genres like trance, but also indie dance or disco into his dynamic, rave-influenced music. The Amsterdam-based artist provides a variety of sounds and paces, hence his set in Hattingen's summer sun will definitely be a sweet surprise.


Spanish-born and Berlin-based artist Blanka has become a bar setting protagonist for stripped down, mesmerizing techno in the recent years. The Room Trax head's talent in producing and DJing is undeniable and earned her releases on labels like SK eleven and gigs at institutions like Berghain, Tresor, KHIDI and many more.


Multitalent CAIVA will once again return to the Ruhr Area this summer after her amazing performance at last year's Stone Techno Festival. The Munich-based multi-instrumentalist and singer combines all her musical experience to create unique audible treasure that has groove and soul.


Greeting us from the sunny side of life, Cryme uses the framework of early, classic house and combines it with raw cuts and tools to create his own perc-heavy and old-schoolish sound. With positive energy from his heart and USB stick, the Berlin-based BCCO resident is a no brainer for every open air rave.

Daria Kolosova

Daria Kolosova can be considered as one of Ukraine's most precious exports. In over a decade behind the decks, blending a variety of genres and sounds in perfection to create sonic gifts, Daria has successfully conquered the world which makes us more than happy to announce her return to Henrichshütte.


Despite his young age, Selected head Frederic. is a forming element in modern techno and therefore a recurring booking for us. Non-hesitant, futuristic but driving soundscapes are the tools for the Berlin-based DJ and label head to exhilarate his audience, as witnessed by many of you during his Furnace floor closing in 2023.


With his fast-paced, groovy approach to raw techno, Future.666 is a main representer for the style of giving old-schoolish, trippy sounds a contemporary face. The Berlin-based BCCO resident will leave you back exhausted and astonished with his energetic multi-deck layering of absolute floor weapons.


Frenzy owner & resident Isaiah will bring his remarkable grooves to this year's The Third Room Festival. The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer is known and appreciated for his contribution to the renaissance of sassy, perc-heavy and tooly sound that caused a whole sub-genre within techno.


To describe JakoJako's unique class and distinctiveness, we only need to mention her set at last year's Stone Techno Festival which was one of the best performances in the history of the venue. To mention even more, we highly recommend her profound and clever productions. With that being said, we can't be happier to welcome the Berlin-based high-performer back in the Ruhr Area.

Julian Muller

There is not a lot more we can say about Julian Muller. The vinyl only mastermind and producer is not only one of the most appreciated selectors out there but also one of our favorite guests. Therefore, we will be teaming up once again with the NALI founder to provide you with your daily dose of hot wax at The Third Room Festival.


KI/KI's creative fusion of trance, acid and techno has been taking hearts by storm since 2018. The DJ and artist from Amsterdam blends elements with contradictory characteristics, such as nostalgic and futuristic or euphoric and hard-hitting. Her distinctive artistic approach transcends musical barriers and opens new worlds to her listeners. After her unforgotten Steel floor closing, we are more than thrilled to welcome her back for another ride in Hattingen.


Ecstatic and uplifting energy will be created with Kim She stepping behind the decks at The Third Room Festival 2024. The Berlin-based DJ convinces with a surprising and refreshing blend of upbeat gems and bouncy bangers that will loosen any tension and start a happy, silly rave.


KiNK can confidentially be described as one of the most formative and talented hardware producers and THE best live artist out there. The Bulgarian-based legend is famous for mixing different genres in his notorious performances, making him unpredictable and thrilling to watch and dance to. After his superb show at the very first Stone Techno Festival two years ago, we are happy to welcome him back in the Ruhr Area.

Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight's live performance at Stone Techno Festival 2022 was not only one if the most hyped episodes in our young history or one of the most clicked videos on ARTE Concert - it was also a defining performance for our broad but simultaneously particular musical approach. We can not be happier to welcome the New York-based legend back to the Ruhr Area with her timeless, pure techno.

Luke Slater

There is not a lot we have not already said about Luke Slater. The UK-based DJ and producer is one of the most known and forming artists in techno for decades and an absolute allstar in the scene. After his contribution for our Stone Techno Series and his magnificent gig at STF22, it was about time to reunite with him at The Third Room Festival 2024.


We are extraordinarily excited for Mareena to give her The Third Room debut this summer at Henrichshütte Hattingen. The Tresor resident is not only notorious for her versatile, old-schoolish techno sets played preferably from vinyl. She also convinces with genre transcending own productions and curating her ambient label unrush.


We are pleased to welcome back our friend and longstay MARRØN behind the decks at this year's The Third Room Festival. The Eerste Communie resident is without a doubt one of the most notable faces in today's techno, displaying his unmatched ability to create ultra-percussive, hypnotic and groove-emphasized journeys all around the world.


Ogazón's intelligent approach to techno earned her global recognition in recent years. The Berlin-based DJ is a true selector and turntablist with unmatched foresight and taste that works around a frame of stripped-down techno and includes hypnotic, percussive or dubby enrichments, swinging between deep and euphoric. Don't miss her play in Hattingen this summer.

Pablo Bozzi

One-man show and party provider Pablo Bozzi is the embodiment of a no brainer booking for summer festivals. The Berlin-based DJ brings vocal heavy, 80s and indie influenced prog sounds to the table that make him one of the most distinctive protagonists in modern house music. We can not wait for his set to match a hot and sunny day in Hattingen.

Patrick Mason

After two mindblowing performances at Stone Techno Festival 2022 and 2023 we couldn't be more pleased for Patrick Mason to return behind the decks for us in 2024. The Berlin-based DJ combines a highly contagious and rousing energy during his performances with a top-notch track selection including house, techno and some hidden gems. Don't miss this special third anniversary, this time in Hattingen.


We are more than happy to welcome Perc back to one of our line-ups. In many years in Techno, the London-based DJ and producer's rough, mechanic and timeless tracks are not only real dance floor wreckers, like his absolute banging contribution for our Stone Techno Series 2022; his trademarked sound also makes him an highly appreciated guest all around the world.

Phase Fatale

Heavy sound comets will hit the steel facility of Henrichshütte Hattingen with Berghain resident and Ostgut Ton member Phase Fatale unleashing his forceful sound elements. Understanding club energy like only a few others, the productions and sets of the Berlin-based artist are characterized by an ongoing, energetic dynamic.


We are joyfully awaiting techno purist and exceptional talent Quelza to make his The Third Room Festival debut. His highly precise, technical mixing of percussive grooves and atmospheric patterns is one reason for the success of the French-born artist. Another reason is his ability to produce genuine, ardent music like his contribution on our T3R VA Series.

Rebecca Delle Piane

Rebecca Delle Piane is an artist that brings a pleasant fresh breeze to techno's landscape and a thrilling, unmatched experience to Hattingen. The Italy-born and -based DJ and producer convinces with serious vinyl skills and multi deck layering to showcase her tool- and oldschool-heavy, classy taste of music.

Rene Wise

Unimpressed by any trends that affected techno in recent years, Rene Wise creates distinctive music that is sincere and deep, accessible and groovy. The UK-born artist can already look back to a lot of golden memories, including many formative releases on renowned labels like Blueprint, Mote Evolver and SK Eleven or his unforgotten Stone Techno Festival closing in 2023.


After his contribution to our Stone Techno Series in 2022 and his performance at Stone techno Festival 2023, RØDHÅD's confirmation for the Third Room Festival was fully exciting but predictable at the same time. The forming and bar setting hypnotic techno protagonist from Berlin is one of Germany's most respected faces and does not miss to impress at every single show.

Roll Dann

Roll Dann is a DJ and producer from Madrid. The Laster resident has his own musical handwriting that can be described as fierce and raw, sometimes atonal, hypnotic techno. On releases for labels like Klockworks or Soma records, Roll Dann could proof his true class that he will bring to the table at this year's The Third Room Festival.

Ruiz OSC1

Ruiz OSC1 is hyped for a reason, given her unmatched grooves that enchant ravers with their vertiginous pace. The Colombian-born DJ and producer has already played some of the hottest parties at Tresor Berlin or Vault Sessions and released on Hector Oaks' label KAOS. It was about time for us to invite her to play for us at T3R24 in Hattingen.

Setaoc Mass

Setaoc Mass is without a doubt a main contributor to define modern techno. With his own sound being a quality blend of deep and intrusive, humming elements and his label SK Eleven being one of the best out there, the Berlin-based artist continuously enlarges his footprint. After his set at Stone Techno Festival 2022, we are very happy to welcome him back behind the decks for us this summer at T3R24.


SHDW's solo career has only just begun and it couldn't look more promising. As the founder of Mutual Rhythm, he can easily be named one of Germany's biggest techno figures in recent years and currently one of the most influential tastemakers. We can't wait to see where 2024 takes this outstanding talent and impatiently look forward for him to take over the stage at Third Room Festival.


Turntable wizard Slin has earned himself worldwide recognition and respect for his true craftsmanship spinning vinyl. The Berlin-based BCCO member is a top selector, finding grooves all across the techno timeline and an absolute skill icon, mixing his gems with finest pitch riding technique. Convince yourselves once again of his masterclass.


Stojche will bring his unmatched vinyl collection to The Third Room Festival. The North Macedonian-born and Madrid-based artist convinces with classy, dub heavy productions and sets that blend raw grooves & sexy percs with top-notch dub techno.


Implementing 90s and 00s sound elements into modern and highly energetic bounce, Supergloss' style between techno, acid and trance is a real crowd pleaser. The musician and DJ from Berlin has made a kickstart into the rave scene and does not miss to radiate new energy ever since. We are pleased to have her debuting for The Third Room.


It's hard to currently find someone with more skills and old-school vibes than Tarkno. The Australian turntable whisperer is one of the hottest names for multi-deck wax action out there and fires lethal grooves out of his premium repertoire. Don't miss this energy at The Third Room Festival 2024.


u.r.trax unmatched, pulsating and trancy sound vision made her a real talk of town. 2024 promises to be equally successful for the French DJ and producer who has already reached some proper milestones such as a Boiler Room performance or releases on KAOS or trip. After her fulminant set for us at Tresor.West 2023, we are happy to welcome her to The Third Room Festival 2024.


It's not a secret that collaborating with UFO95 is one of our favorite forms of interaction. The truly gifted producer and live act teared down our Kokerei Floor at last year's Stone Techno Festival and released a real dance floor cracker on our VA Series. We couldn't be happier to have him play another live set at T3R24 to show off again his high-paced and hard-hitting, old-schoolish rave sounds.


The Third Room resident VNNN. will once again commit a speeding offense with his multi-layering mixing of meticulously digged tracks. The embodied permanent smile, famously known for his Tracks Of The Month series, is not only a skilled DJ and selector but also a thoughtful producer and label head, showcasing impressive musical foresight.


Jesse and Ben aka X CLUB. are working on their own legacy since kickstarting a few years back in Australia. Now based in London, the duo is strongly focused on their productions and their own label Hide The Junk. They accomplished to create their own signature sound that combines vocal samples, loads of perc-heavy grooves and nasty chords. We are happy to welcome them in Hattingen for the first time.

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